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Leadership and Service Center

Civic Engagement

The Leadership and Service Center works with several civic-focused initiatives in an effort to inspire students to become active, engaged citizens.

Be a more active citizen.

While you're attending college, you don't have to put your civic engagement on hold. Access a range of nonpartisan programs and services that can help you learn about key electoral issues and help you cast your ballot during elections.

TurboVote Voter Registration and Services

Being registered to vote is one of the first steps of civic engagement. You can not only register to vote through the online service TurboVote, you also can find the information you need to vote with confidence. Use TurboVote to learn about upcoming elections, sign up for reminders, apply for an absentee ballot and more.

Voter Registration Events

If you prefer to register in-person, watch for voter registration events on Greene Street in front of the Russell House.

Lead the Way Initiative

Lead the Way is a student-led initiative affiliated with the Leadership and Service Center’s Civic Engagement Initiative. The effort's goal is two-fold:

  • to register UofSC students, faculty and staff to vote, and
  • to provide educational opportunities for voters to learn about issues in upcoming elections.


Statement of Nonpartisanship

The Lead the Way initiative is nonpartisan. The individuals who make up Lead the Way believe that increasing the number of individuals who are registered to vote is a goal people of all political beliefs can share and further. However, the very nature of being interested in voter registration often means that a person is interested in politics more generally. Therefore, Lead the Way recognizes that it is unlikely for an individual member of the initiative’s leadership team to be entirely nonpartisan with their personal views. However, we find strength from this diversity of opinions and thoughts, rather than weakness. To balance out political ideologies, Lead the Way intentionally selects students from across the political spectrum so that everyone is represented.