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Python Users Group

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Thursday, October 1

Room 320 at 1244 Blossom St 1pm - 3pm 

Database Concepts and Python

Speaker: Anthony Scopatz


One of the most contentious decisions that a program can make is how to store its data. There are a number of options out there (SQL, Hierarchal, NoSQL, Document or Object stores, and more). Everyone seems to have their favorite.  This talk will go over the basic concepts and pros/cons for many of the various database options that Python has access to. We'll focus on SQL, HDF5, and MongoDB.

Anthony Scopatz is currently an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina in the Nuclear Engineering program in the Mechanical Engineering Department. He is a computational physicist and long time Python developer. Anthony holds his BS in Physics from UC, Santa Barbara and a Ph.D. in Mechanical / Nuclear Engineering from UT Austin. A former Enthought employee, he spent his post-doctoral studies at the FLASH Center at the University of Chicago in the Astrophysics Department. Then he became a Staff Scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Maidson in Engineering Physics. Anthony’s research interests revolve around essential physics modeling of the nuclear fuel cycle, and information theory & entropy. Anthony is proudly a fellow of the Python Software Foundation and has published and spoken at numerous conferences on a variety of science & software development topics.


Wednesday, March 4

Room 320 at 1244 Blossom St 10am - 11am 

Ben Torkian from RCI will  present a talk on Integrated Development Environments for Python, with a focus on ipython notebook and pycharm.   





RCI Python Users Group Meeting
Thursday 9/25/2014, 11 am – noon, 1244 Blossom St., Room 320

Computational Geometry in Python


Dr. Francisco Blanco-Silva, USC Mathematics Department

This summer I had the pleasure to conduct a series of fun undergraduate research projects involving a NAO robot. In this talk I will show some of the characteristics of this robot, and highlight a few of the projects we addressed. But in particular, I will make special emphasis on explaining the tools in python's scipy stack to perform computational geometry---what makes our robot aware of its environment, and how to interact with it.


A free copy of Anaconda is available here

Anyone with a .edu email address qualifies for a free version of IO Pro, which adds even more packages and features to Python. See this page to sign up

Here is a short video installation tutorial

Parking is available in the Horizon garage for $3 per day.

The Python programming language is used by academia and industry in a diverse range of disciplines- including bioinformatics, engineering, language processing, visualization, computational science and and finance. The Research Cyberinfrastructure (RCI) group manages several high performance computing clusters offering iPython environments that add sophisticated science, math, engineering and data analysis capabilities. The users group meetings will provide a platform for python users, from novice to expert, to interact and discover resources to enhance their Python knowledge. Over the coming months, RCI will also host presentations, provide training sessions, and schedule advanced workshops for other Research and Technology topics.

 All faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend and participate.

August 21 meeting

The Python Users Group topic this month will be Git and Bitbucket on Thursday 8/21, from 10am - 12pm in Room 320, at 1244 Blossom street. This meeting will be presented by Brian Flick and Phillip Conrad, interns from the Research Cyberinfrastructure group. Thanks to all of our members for a great turn out!




December 12 meeting

Thanks to all of our Users Group members and our speaker Ben Torkian for a great meeting. The presentation is available on our youtube channel.

November 13 meeting

Thanks to Dr. Buell for a great talk on natural language processing using iPython and the NLTK! Dr. Buell's examples and presentation material is available in the zip and pdf posted below.

October 24 meeting

The first Python users group meeting was a success! Thanks to everyone who participated. We had a great turnout from a variety of Departments- Math, Physics, Biology, SLIS, Public Health, and Pharmacy to name a few. We hope the group keeps expanding; Python is a great tool for all disciplines.

The presentations from the meeting are posted below. The video will be posted soon for any who could not attend in person.

Please use the form below to sign up the next meeting. A signup is not required to attend, however it helps us plan accommodations, so it is appreciated.