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All on-campus classes are cancelled through Saturday, October 10. See for updates.

The Division of Information Technology

Research Cyberinfrastructure

Workshops and Courses

Spring 2015

RCI Upcoming Events


2/27/2015, In-Depth Introduction to Using R for HPC (XSEDE Webcast)

You may register to join the webcast here or, if you cannot get a seat, RCI will be displaying the webcast in Room 320, 1244 Blossom St. from 1pm – 5pm on 2/27. 

This half day (4 hour) tutorial will introduce the attendee to debugging, profiling and performance analysis, optimization, foreign language API’s, and parallel programming with R. There will also be a comprehensive hands-on component to reinforce topics introduced during the lecture portion. The tutorial is ideally suited for those already working with R, as well as service providers who are serving R customers. The content is appropriate for any students, researchers, or staff who are working with R and interested in performance.

This is a joint training between the University of Tennessee, NIMBioS, XSEDE, and NICS. 

 If you plan to watch the webcast with us, Please sign up here

1/27/2015, USC Bioinformatics Users Group

The Research Cyberinfrastructure (RCI) group will host a new  Bioinformatics Users Group meeting on Tuesday January 27th at 11am in room 320 (UTS auditorium), 1244 Blossom St. building.   This meeting will give faculty, students and staff an opportunity to present research results, provide an open forum for general discussion and foster collaboration.  High performance computing applications, data analysis, programming tools and visualization techniques for bioinformatics are examples of topics that are open for future meetings.  Participation is highly encouraged!


Past Events

Fall 2014

8/21/2014, USC Python Users Group 

The topic for August is Git and Bitbucket. This meeting will be hosted by the Research Cyberinfrastructure group.
Location: 1244 Blossom St. Room 320, Time: 10am - 12 pm

8/27/2014 MATLAB Workshop 

Parallel Computing with MATLAB by Mathworks engineering
Location: 1244 Blossom Street, Room 320, Time: 1 pm - 3 pm

9/2/2014 XSEDE Big Data Workshop 

XSEDE along with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are pleased to announce a one day Big Data workshop. This workshop will focus on topics such as Hadoop and SPARQL.
Location: First Floor conference room, Tower Building, 1301 Gervais St., Time 10am - 5 pm

9/25/2014, USC Python Users Group 

The topic for September is Scientific Python. 
Location: 1244 Blossom St. Room 320, Time: 10am - 12 pm

11/12/2014, OpenFOAM Workshop REGISTER

RCI hosts an introductory level OpenFOAM workshop. Location: 1244 Blossom St. Room 320, Time: 9am - 12pm



RCI Upcoming Events survey

Give us some feedback on some other RCI events you would like to attend. We are currently considering workshops, lectures, and Special Interest Groups on the following topics. Let us know which you are interested in.