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More about Heather Heckman and the Moving Image Research Collections

Heather Heckman arrived at USC after spending time at the University of Wisconsin. More information about her academic and professional background can be found on her webpage in the Faculty Expertise Database here.

Additionally, an article from 2012 discusses her appointment as assistant director for the Moving Image Research Collections (MIRC), and another article from February 2013 describes her appointment as the MIRCs interim director. Information about other staff at the MIRC is available here.

To learn more about the University Libraries Moving Image Research Collections (MIRC), access its homepage here.

To watch videos from the collections that have been digitized and made available online, visit the MIRCs Digital Video Repository here.

One example showcasing how material from the MIRC has been used is "The Roaring Twenties" project created by Princeton Professor Emily Thompson. Described as "an interactive exploration of the historical soundscape of New York City," the project relied on recordings kept at the MIRC and discussed on the blog here. The project was also featured in the New York Times as well as NPR