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The Division of Information Technology

An "IT Minute" Podcast


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Mark Mosteller

Competing for USC at a national technology conference

Mark Mosteller's desire to lead spurred him to become the president of the local chapter of a technology association and have it compete in a national conference.

Jeff Francis

Integrating audio engineering technology into the music curriculum

Jeff Francis uses his music industry experience to present students with simulations reflecting the way recording studios operate.

Eric Holt

Using ultrasound to teach language skills

D. Eric Holt's novel use of ultrasound technology can help students improve their foreign language pronunciation.

Bryant Walker Smith

Preparing the legal infrastructure for automated vehicles

Bryant Walker Smith brings together engineers and lawyers to address a future with automated vehicles.

Arnold School of Public Health

Understanding human bodies through X-rays and armbands

Madison DeMello facilitates clinical research studies using advanced technology to track health statistics.

Augie Grant

Forecasting communications technology

Professor Augie Grant researches the impact of media technologies in his work as a technology futurist. 

Carolina Master Scholars Adventure Series

Fostering future Gamecocks

Meredith Higgs oversees the classes taught as part of the Carolina Master Scholars Adventure Series.

Mike Matthews

Revolutionizing the fight against asthma

Mike Matthews has invented a cleansing system that removes asthma triggers from the home.

Sean Norman

Expediting microbial analysis using high performance computers

Dr. Norman has worked with the Research Cyberinfrastructure Group to analyze millions of DNA sequences.

Lydia Brandt

Digitizing Bull Street

Dr. Lydia Brandt and her students have spent countless hours researching the history behind the buildings of Bull Street for their website.

Ghosts of the Horseshoe

Designing a Critical Interactive for the Horseshoe

Under the guidance of Drs. Buell and Cooley, PhD candidate Richard Walker has helped design an app that will allow users to interact with the historic Horseshoe.

jose vidal

Designing apps for the future

The Capstone Projects class taught by Jose Vidal builds professional apps for USC and other independent customers.

Ronni Wilkinson

Defending the cyber assault

Ronni Wilkinson led the USC Cyber Defense Team to second place in the Palmetto Cyber Defense Competition.

Guo & Kasakoff

Finding migration patterns using Twitter

Drs. Guo and Kasakoff are using linguistic analysis on geocoded tweets in order to find migration patterns.

Jenay Beer

Designing technology to aid older adults

Dr. Beer's research goal is to design assistive robots to help older adults age successfully.

Michael Galbreth

Determining return policy value using eBay auction data

Dr. Galbreth is using eBay auction data to determine the value consumers place in a money-back guarantee.

Neset Hikmet

Changing health care to provide for an aging population

Dr. Neset Hikmet is researching the use of technology to improve the everyday lives of the elderly.

Brie Turner-McGrievy

Integrating social media into weight loss

Brie Turner-McGrievy is researching the use of social media to keep participants engaged in diet programs.

Jennifer Whetstone-Jackson

Guiding students toward a successful career

Jennifer Whetstone-Jackson is a career development coach who uses technology resources to help students find their career.

Lynn Shirley

Incorporating new technology into teaching geographic information systems

Lynn Shirley is the GIS research manager at USC, and also teaches geography classes where students learn to use various mapping tools.

Daheia Barr-Anderson

Understanding the influence teachers have on children's health

Daheia Barr-Anderson’s current research will use social media to help preschool teachers achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Liz Hartnett

Researching Makerspaces, the digital workshops of the future

Liz Hartnett's research focuses on the use of Makerspaces in public libraries.

David Miller

Taking humanities into the digital realm

Dr. David Miller helped introduce the Center for Digital Humanities at USC, which seeks to help promote humanities research in the digital age.

Renee Shaffer

Teaching technology skills for new students

Renee Shaffer leads a University 101 class that introduces students to technology resources available at USC.

Kevin Remington

Leveraging geographical technology to answer questions in subjects from business to medicine

Kevin Remington from the Campus GIS Program helps people around USC use mapping software to answer questions not typically associated with the traditional field of geography.

Simon Tarr

Creating art, video games, and other media with 21st century tools

Simon Tarr and his students in the Department of Art leverage technology to explore topics such as school funding.

David Rocheleau

Printing healthcare solutions

Professor David Rocheleau is developing medical solutions, including stints for tracheal stinosis, with 3D printers.

Lindsie Cone

Integrating technology into healthcare

Dr. Lindsie Cone faces implantable devices, electronic medical records, and how USC's School of Medicine will address the future of technology in healthcare.

An "IT Minute"

Studying technology’s effect on healthcare delivery

Professor Carrie Queenan explores ways to improve the cost and quality of healthcare.

Heather Heckman

Digitally preserving historic film archives

Heather Heckman and a dedicated team of professionals are preserving historic film in danger of being completely lost.

Joel Wooten

Using technology to spark innovation and entrepreneurship

Joel Wooten researches processes that lead to successful innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mark Ferguson

Analyzing big data to assess policy change in the airline industry

Professor Mark Ferguson and a doctoral student have used analytical tools and methods to study the effects of airlines charging for checked bags.

Michael Gavin

Simulating the print culture of 18th century England

Michael Gavin writes computer programs to explore the history of publishing in England.

Bill Kirkland

Expanding opportunities through the Office of Economic Engagement

Bill Kirkland is leading the Office of Economic Engagement to be the place where companies and people at USC work together and benefit from each other.

An "IT Minute"

Republishing the front page news, digitally

Virginia Pierce and Laura Blair are part of a nation-wide project to digitize South Carolina newspapers from the 19th and early 20th century.

Duncan Buell

Taking scholarly research to new levels with computer programming

Duncan Buell is promoting the use of computer programming to augment research in the humanities.


Understanding the larger implications of technology through its everyday use

Heidi Rae Cooley has her students think critically about current technology by getting them to perform common activities with a twist.

Scott Farrand

Observing the way we communicate to help people tailor their messages

Scott Farrand follows cultural and technological trends to help others convey their messages optimally.

Susan Elkins

Providing statewide education through Palmetto College

Dr. Susan Elkins is leading Palmetto College to offer South Carolinians the opportunity to accomplish their educational dreams.

Dan Fogerty

Listening to sounds to improve speech understanding

Dan Fogerty is working to improve software for devices that enhance the way people hear and understand speech.

Claudia Benitez-Nelson

Understanding seawater nutrients and their effects on the ocean with analogy (and analysis)

Dr. Claudia Benitez-Nelson collects samples abroad and analyzes them at USC to determine the effects of seawater elements on the ocean ecosystem.

Nancy Brown

Using distributed learning to educate those who work with the military

Dr. Nancy Brown develops programs that help social workers who interact with members of the military.

"An IT Minute" Podcast

Developing a mobile-friendly class

Angie Lowery and De Anna Cox collaborated to make De Anna's course as accessible for her busy students as possible.

Glenn Bunton

Re-imagining library spaces

Glenn Bunton is continually challenged to update library spaces as information becomes more digital.

David Shields

Developing websites to further research

Dr. David Shields has the goal to develop a website that will cover the scope of the visual record of American theater.

Jim Remsey

Creating the modern, "enhanced" classroom

Jim Remsey has helped build classrooms that promote better communication and course delivery at the SC College of Pharmacy.

Tim Carroll

The multimodal approach of the PMBA program

The PMBA program at the Moore School of Business - led by Dr. Tim Carroll - offers a nontraditional educational experience to help professionals obtain their MBA.

Professor Ron Brown

Cultivating a new generation of librarians

Professor Ron Brown works with librarians to develop their skills for an unexpected role in marketing.

Kate Boyd

Preserving historical records at USC's Digital Collections

Kate Boyd leads the University Libraries Digital Collections to preserve historical documents for future study and use.

Christine Lotter

Augmenting inquiry-based learning with technology

Dr. Christine Lotter works with middle-school students and their teachers to impart scientific principles through hands-on experiments with a process called inquiry-based learning.

Srihari Nelakuditi

Using Google Glass for education

Dr. Srihari Nelakuditi envisions how his app - InSight - offers potential uses within the classroom.

Evan Kutzler

Mapping the invisible with geographic information systems

Evan Kutzler uses the software, ArcGIS, to gain new insight about USC's campus from old maps.

Colin Wilder

Combining the arts with the sciences at the Center for Digital Humanities

Colin Wilder describes opportunities where students, faculty, and staff can learn about digital humanities. 

John Gerdes

Improving personal identity protection

Dr. John Gerdes explains his patent to create a "veiled certificate" that will help protect an individual's personal identity information. 

Reginald Bain

Creating music from mathematics

Dr. Reginald Bain uses mathematical equations to create music at the School of Music's Experimental Music Studio.  Hear more about what "sonification" involves. 

Christina Friend

Making education more accessible

Dr. Christina Friend discusses how the Instructional Design Group at the Center for Teaching Excellence works to make classes more accessible for students. 

Joseph November

Using computer games to study history

Dr. Joseph November discusses how computer games facilitate learning. 

Alicia Wilson

Understanding groundwater systems

Dr. Alicia Wilson discusses how her research in hydrogeology is aided by her computer programming skills. 

Pamela Melton

Early technological advances in the practice of law

Interview with Pamela Melton about a legal artifact at the Coleman Karesh Law Library.

Chris Robinson

Using art to picture nanotechnology

Interview with Chris Robinson about the importance of art for showcasing nanotechnology.