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Continuing Education Programs

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    Experience What Its Like...

    Work in the same labs and with the same doctors as our medical students at USC's School of Medicine.

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    Discover Ultrasound: The Stethescope of the Future

    Use a handheld ultrasound probe and unit to scan a patient's body.

Adventures in Medicine: Ultrasound

Journey into the body in real time to watch the heart beat! Using a hand held ultrasound probe and an ultrasound unit the size of a laptop, you will learn to scan the body in the same labs and with the same doctors as our medical students at the University of South Carolina- School of Medicine.

Ultrasound allows physicians to determine what is going on inside the body in a non-invasive way. Using sound waves, it gives images of the inner workings of the body so that Emergency Room docs can make quick lifesaving decisions as well as Orthopedists can decide where the proper injection in the joint should be.

Practice on our real life simulator and practice on real patients! You will be certain to learn some anatomy and physiology along the way. Welcome to the technology of the future, the stethoscope of the future, ultrasound.


Program Dates

  • July 8-13 for Rising 9 -12 grade students

This camp is now full. You may still apply to be put on a wait list. Apply online and choose this course. We require a $200 deposit to be placed on the wait list. Your deposit will be refunded to you if the scholar is not able to move from the wait list and enroll in the course.