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Academic Advising

Returning from Withdrawal

The process for returning from withdrawal is dependent on what time the initial withdrawal took place during the semester.

You Will Have to Reapply to the University IF YOU ... 

withdraw from the University between semesters or prior to the Drop/Add deadline and miss one full semester.

You will be considered not enrolled for that semester. If you are not enrolled in classes at the university for one full semester (fall or spring), you will be required to reapply to the university through Undergraduate Admissions. Please note that readmission to the university and to the academic college or school in which you were previously enrolled is not guaranteed. You will receive information regarding your readmission after your application is reviewed by Undergraduate Admissions.


You May Register for Courses IF YOU ...

withdraw from the University after the Drop/Add deadline.

You are considered enrolled for that semester and may register for courses for the following semester once any advisement holds have been lifted. You will want to speak with an advisor in your college or school to discuss any degree progression requirements that may be affected after missing a major semester.