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Academic Advising

Past Semester Withdrawal

If a medical, mental health, or special circumstance prevented academic success during a past semester, you may be interested in petitioning for a Hardship Withdrawal for that semester. 

Beginning the Hardship Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal consultations are required to receive the Hardship Withdrawal Petition. To begin this process follow the steps below. 

  1. Fill out the withdrawal questionnaire
  2. Within 1-2 days, the Withdrawal Coordinator will contact you to schedule a withdrawal consultation. 


Hardship Withdrawal Deadlines

If you are submitting a Hardship Withdrawal Petition for a past semester, you must complete all parts of the petition  (including the Health Care Provider Verification form) to be included in the next review date. Petitions received after the deadline for the next review date will not be heard until a future meeting. Review a list of upcoming deadlines here