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Academic Advising

Current Semester Withdrawal

Review the information below if you are considering dropping one or all of your courses for the current semester in which you are enrolled. 

Dropping One or More Courses

If you are dropping one or more of your courses, but not all your courses during the current semester:

  1. Visit the Registrar’s calendar to know the withdrawal period in the semester for which you are dropping your courses.
  2. Speak with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships about withdrawal implications. Consider discussing: 
    • how dropping courses can affect your federal or private loans, your scholarships, and other aid for the current and future semester(s)
  3.  Contact your academic advisor to help with your courses. Consider discussing: 
    • Progression to degree requirements and risks
    • Full time vs. Part time student benefits
    • Other information relevant to your major and student status 


Dropping All Courses

If you are dropping all of your courses during the current semester:

  1. Review the latest Withdrawal Checklist [pdf] as a starting point. Please note: The Withdrawal Checklist is a baseline list and may not address every student's unique need. 
  2. Complete the withdrawal questionnaire. After completion, you will be contacted by the WIthdrawal Cooridnator who will help you navigate USC's withdrawal policy and better understand withdrawal implications specific to your need.  


Hardship Withdrawal Deadlines (for Current Semester Petitions only)

If you are submitting a Hardship Withdrawal Petition for the current semester:

Important Reminders
  • Hardship Withdrawals during the semester are only considered during the "WF" period. 
  • A petition must be complete (including the Health Care Provider Verification form) to be included in the next review date. Petitions received after the deadline for the next review date will not be heard until a future meeting. 
  • Review upcoming WF Period Petition deadlines here.