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Academic Advising

Level Two

The Level Two course is available to all academic advisors who have been certified at Level One. Advisors may be Level Two certified after completing the online training component and experiential learning requirements.

Level Two Training

The following outline provides an overview of the material covered in each module of Level Two. Select demonstration vidoes are also available. 

Level Two Learning Outcomes
View Level Two learning outcomes [pdf].
Advising at USC
College Enrollment & Graduation
"On Your Time"initiatives
University Policies and Procedures
Admissions Requirements
Suspension, Return from Suspension/Readmission to USC
Holds & Course Restrictions
Second Major & Second Degree
Academic Programs and Requirements
Major Maps  
Progression Requirements 
Change of Major (policies & procedures)
Course Equivalencies & Transfer Credit
Study Abroad
Advising Technology
Processing Curriculum Changes 
Degree Works: Using Catalog Year
Pathfinder: Appointment Campaigns
Pathfinder: Utilizing the Advanced Search
Pathfinder: Creating & Utilizing Watch Lists
Course Restrictions, Designators, & Attributes
Navigating the Carolina Core Website
Campus Resources
Major Change Advising Services 
Academic Success Coaching 
Study Abroad 
Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Students and Special Populations
Transfer Students
Advising Profession and Practice

*Please note: The University Advising Center aims to keep all training material up-to-date and accurate. If you notice errors, please contact


Level Two Experiential Learning

In order to complete Level Two Certification, you must complete the Experiential component which includes the 5 items below: 


Level Two Rewards

Advisors who successfully complete both components of Level Two receive a Certificate of Completion and are eligibile to choose from the list of Level Two Rewards below.* 

*Further restrictions may apply. Please contact if you have questions regarding the reward selection process.