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Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows are an integral part of the USC Connect team. Fellows serve as advocates for integrative learning and provide faculty perspectives and recommendations to USC Connect. They support students in developing Graduation with Leadership Distinction e-portfolios and explore the application of integrative learning strategies to their own programs. Faculty Fellows collaborate with USC Connect and one another to assess student learning and pursue scholarship opportunities including national presentations and publications.

2017-2018 Faculty Fellows

  • Bentley Coffey

    Bentley Coffey

    Darla Moore School of Business

  • Lara Ducate

    Lara Ducate

    Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

  • John Grady

    John Grady

    Sport and Entertainment Management

  • Stuart Hunter

    Stuart Hunter

    Faculty Fellow for UNIV 401

  • Laura Kissel

    Laura Kissel

    Visual Arts and Design

  • Elise Lewis

    Elise Lewis

    Library and Information Science

  • Stephanie Milling

    Stephanie Milling

    Theatre and Dance

  • Charlie Pierce

    Charles Pierce

    Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • George Roy

    George Roy

    Instruction and Teacher Education

  • Simon Tarr

    Simon Tarr

    Visual Art and Design

  • Amanda Wangwright

    Amanda Wangwright

    Visual Art and Design

  • John Weidner

    John Weidner

    Chemical Engineering