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Stop Sexual Assault

How We All Can Help

If someone tells you they have been sexually assaulted, your response as a university employee or as a Carolina student can make all the difference for the survivor.

No matter who you are, as a caring member of the Carolina community, the first thing you should do is tell the survivor, "I believe you. You are not alone." But each of us has different responsibilities and requirements in our response to the situation based on our roles at the university.


As an Employee

The university provides the tools and information you need to facilitate the conversation and help the survivor. The tools include a checklist to guide you and information on why you are required to report sexual assault as well as additional training opportunities.


As a Student

Responding to a friend or fellow student who has experienced a sexual assault can be a sensitive situation, but there are things you can do to learn how to respond and provide the support they need. Use these guides to know what to say, how to listen and how to better understand some of the complex feelings your friend may be wrestling with. And if you think someone needs help, you can also learn how to become an active bystander.

Stop Sexual Assault