Summer 2014
Leading universities report success with PeopleSoft
 July 28, 2014

While transitioning from legacy and paper-based systems to PeopleSoft will be a unique experience for the USC community, it’s reassuring to keep in mind that many other organizations have been in this spot before.

Schools like the University of North Carolina, University of Arkansas, Emory University, Stanford University, and Florida International University all implemented PeopleSoft successfully, and that track record didn’t go unnoticed when the OneCarolina was looking at which system to use for its Finance, Human Resources, and Payroll implementation.

“We ended up choosing PeopleSoft for a few different reasons, but I’d say one thing that certainly attracted us to the product was that it’s been implemented at lots of different universities – especially large, public institutions – and those places saw a lot of success in the way it transformed the waythey did business in moving off their older legacy systems onto something more modern,” said Bob Swab, OneCarolina Project Director. He went on to say that the expectation from USC leadership is that faculty and staff will see the amount of time it takes to complete tasks drastically reduced. 

Here’s a small example: using a paper-based system, it can be difficult to keep track of essential paperwork, especially when it goes through a lengthy approval process that can take weeks to complete. Institutions reported that simply keeping an electronic record of their files greatly eased access and reliability of information, and that by moving online with PeopleSoft, documents were more easily accounted for and tracked.

Another key reason cited by multiple universities as to why they chose PeopleSoft was security. Institutions said that PeopleSoft gave them much more flexibility when it came to user security roles, as opposed to their legacy systems, which were generally inconsistent and inflexible when it came to creating and managing large pools of users and then diverting them into discrete groups.

Other notable universities that went with PeopleSoft include: Arizona State University, Boise State University, Case Western Reserve University, Clemson University, Cornell University, DePaul University, Ohio State University, Tufts University, and the University System of Georgia.

Overall, faculty and staff should be encouraged by the fact that the University of South Carolina is going with an industry-proven, battle-tested product to lead the second phase of its historic ERP implementation.


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