Summer 2014
HR and Payroll begin design sessions as Finance moves on
 July 28, 2014

As scheduled, the OneCarolina Finance team wrapped up its Conference Room Pilot (CRP) session recently and has transitioned directly into the configuration and development portions of the project timeline. Overall, project leaders said they were pleased with the completed design sessions, and that they represent a good start towards a go-live that’s now less than a year away.

“I thought the collaboration between our different teams and stakeholders went extremely well. Everyone worked very well together. While it was certainly a learning process for many of us – not to mention a lot of work – we were pleased at the way we’ll be able to leverage PeopleSoft to serve the university system moving forward,” said Finance Lead Pat Lardner.

The Finance and Technical teams began their CRP journey in April, with many of the sessions lasting entire days over the course of multiple weeks.

With Finance on its way, the HR and Payroll teams have begun their own CRP. They’ll be looking to do many of the same things as Finance:

  • Produce a complete map of each functional area’s business processes and requirements
  • Sketch out to-be business processes, workflow requirements, scope documentation, and identified gaps
  • Develop a cross walk design document, which will lay out the steps needed to make the transition from our legacy systems to PeopleSoft
  • Finalize security and other technical requirements

As with Finance, one of the more pressing questions remains: do you customize PeopleSoft to accommodate your existing business processes or do you change those processes to accommodate the software?  If functional and technical experts determine they need to accommodate an existing university business process, they will then develop a business case identifying the customized solution method. This can be any number of things, including a report, interface, conversion, enhancement, form, or workflow (RICE-FW). Any of these will require project leadership approval. For a detailed primer on CRPs, click here.

“We’ve been eagerly anticipating a chance to begin designing our system, and I think everyone is glad that we’re finally at this point. As we look ahead, we will be carefully considering everything that we do – every decision, every discussion, every change – in the hopes that it’s in the best interest of our employees,” said Human Resources Lead Jennifer Lauer.

In the near-term, Finance is working on finalizing gap documentation, which is due at the end of July. Meanwhile, the HR and Payroll CRP is expected to conclude in later this fall.


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