Spring 2014
PeopleSoft environments installed ahead of design session
 March 26, 2014

In advance of the Finance team’s upcoming Conference Room Pilot (CRP), the technical team has finished installing and configuring PeopleSoft software in all of the low-level environments needed for the session.

For the uninitiated, a CRP is a scheduled, coordinated activity that often takes weeks, if not months, to complete.

Its purpose? 

To have staff carry out typical or key business processes using the out-of-the-box version of PeopleSoft. When and if it becomes apparent that changes need to be made to the system, a fork in the road presents itself: do you customize PeopleSoft to accommodate your existing business processes or do you change those processes to accommodate the software?

Finance’s session begins in early April, while the Human Resources and Payroll CRP is set to occur later this year. (More insight into the CRP process will come in a future post)  

With all that being said, getting environments properly installed and locked in is a big step, because they need to be working properly so the aforementioned business decisions can be made with confidence.

Below is a list of the environments ready to go:

FTRN – Training
FCFG – Configuration
FDMO – Demonstration
FDEV – Development
FCNV – Conversion
FTST – System Testing


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