Summer 2013
Specialized strike force tasked with cleansing database
 July 2, 2013

They’re not exactly the Avengers, but don’t tell this crack team of Banner experts they’re not locked in a heated battle with the forces of darkness.

In this case, the villain is represented by old, outdated student data left over from the recent conversions to Self Service Carolina and Internet Native Banner.

In order for the new systems to work efficiently – and error free – that old data needs to be identified and removed from the database.

And so enter our heroes, the Duplicate Identity Resolution Team, also known as DIRT.  DIRT bills itself as an ongoing, cross-functional group tasked with identifying duplicate data issues in Banner and instituting corrective processes.  

The team was assembled in late 2012 and includes experts from each of the functional areas (Registration, Accounts Receivable, Admissions and Financial Aid), along with representative from UTS Identity Management and Enterprise Application groups. Thanks to some early successes, DIRT has since expanded its original scope to addressing many different types of identity issues across the enterprise; it’s now looking at a larger selection of data on its quest to eradicate errors. Despite this, the focus of the team remains resolving critical identity issues prior to the upcoming Accounts Receivable conversion.

“It’s not the prettiest work, but it’s something that has to get done. Ensuring that we have clean data is incredibly important for the long-term stability and reliability of our systems,” said OneCarolina Project Director Bob Swab. “I really appreciate all of the hard work this particular team has put in to address these issues.”


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