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OneCarolina teams begin designing new system

In April, the Finance team took its first big step in the design phase of the project when it began its Conference Room Pilot (CRP) session in earnest. For the uninitiated, CRP is an ERP project term that refers to a lengthy, coordinated fit/gap analysis that often takes months to complete.

Its purpose? 

To have staff analyze typical or key business processes using the out-of-the-box version of PeopleSoft. When and if it becomes apparent that changes need to be made to the system, a fork in the road presents itself: do you customize PeopleSoft to accommodate your existing business processes or do you change those processes to accommodate the software?  If functional and technical experts determine they need to accommodate an existing university business process, they will then develop a business case identifying the customized solution method. This can be any number of things, including a report, interface, conversion, enhancement, form, or workflow (RICE-FW). Any of these will require project leadership approval.

Coming out of the CRP will be a few deliverables:

  • A complete map of each functional area’s business processes and requirements
  • To-be business processes, workflow requirements, scope documentation, and identified gaps
  • A cross walk design document, which will lay out the steps needed to make the transition from our legacy systems to PeopleSoft
  • Finalized security and other technical requirements

Like most CRPs, Finance’s session will have a moderator who’s in charge of ensuring the session stays on track and on schedule.

“The CRP is a good chance for our functional areas to see what their needs are and what kind of system works best for their business processes,” said OneCarolina Project Manager Howard Haynes. “I know everyone has been very excited about getting their hands dirty and getting into the specifics of designing our system. I’m very confident that everyone is focused and committed to making this an outstanding implementation.”

Finance’s CRP began in April and is tentatively scheduled to run into June.



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