University of South Carolina

Schedule finalized for project's second phase

The official timeline for the second phase of OneCarolina has been finalized, bringing to light more details on go-live dates and support timeframes scheduled over the next few years.

Let’s get the big dates out of the way first: the Finance module is scheduled to go live in July 2015, with Human Resources and Payroll following in January 2016. Scheduled to launch with the Finance portion are systems like grants and contracts, procurement, and accounts receivable. Conversely, Payroll and Human Resources will incorporate functions like time and labor, along with recruiting.

Meanwhile, the rest of 2016 will be comprised mostly of post-production support. Teams will add functionality, fix bugs, and establish sustainment models for the newly developed systems for the years that follow.

Sound like a lot? Well, with a scant 17 months remaining until Phase Two’s first go-live, it goes without saying that there’s quite a bit of work to be done. Luckily, functional teams have hit the ground running and will spend most of 2014 designing how their new systems will operate in order to accommodate both current and future business processes. Meanwhile, project staffing and training efforts have also already begun and are expected to continue throughout the year.

While intermediate goals and milestones will likely shift as more of the project particulars fall into place, these two big-ticket go-live dates - July 2015 and January 2016 - will not. Feel free to mark your calendars with permanent marker, folks.

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