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Webpage developed to help users with login questions

When USC officials decided to switch from VIP to Self Service Carolina (SSC) for things like class registration, financial aid, and bill payment, they knew there would be some growing pains. To that point, faculty, and staff use a myriad of different accounts - from VIP ID to Network Username to USC ID - to do lots of important things around campus.

To help clear things up, spells out what each account is and what it allows a student, faculty, and staff member to do.

In general, the VIP ID and password will allow access to Self Service Carolina, and for faculty and staff, it will continue to allow them to sign in to VIP to view their employment and payroll information. The Network Username is for things like university email (for most campuses) and BlackBoard. The USC ID, meanwhile, is only needed to establish a VIP ID and password if that particular student doesn't have a Social Security Number.

While most continuing students were able to use their VIP ID and password to register for fall classes with ease, there's the possibility that the incoming freshmen for the fall will want to sign in to VIP, and not SSC, given that the name of the login credentials will continue to be the VIP ID and password.

"While VIP still exists, we know there is going to be some confusion for newer students. They'll receive their VIP ID and password during the Admissions process, and even though they're being directed to SSC, they still might find themselves trying to sign in to VIP," said Associate Registrar Bob Askins. "We hope that this new page helps mitigate some of the confusion that may be out there."

OneCarolina, in conjunction with the university's functional areas, will continue to monitor which questions are being asked and the best way to communicate accurate information to the broader university audience.

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