University of South Carolina

Columbia preparing for first undergraduate registration using Self Service Carolina

The big day is almost here.

Monday, thousands of undergraduate students at the University of South Carolina’s Columbia campus will begin registering for fall classes using Self Service Carolina (SSC) for the very first time. Students are being encouraged to visit and sign in to SSC using their VIP ID and password before their appointment time so that they become familiar with the new system.

The Office of the Registrar, meanwhile, has reiterated what it hopes to achieve with next week's rollout. 

“We’re excited to have our students finally start registering,” said Registrar Aaron Marterer. “Our teams have worked very hard over the past few years trying to make the new registration process both powerful and intuitive. Our focus, all along, has been on making the student experience as positive as possible.”

Students are spending the final week before registration meeting with their advisors and signing in to SSC to view their time ticket. 

Students at several of the USC system’s other campuses have been registering since mid-March.

Students to receive financial aid award amounts, too

Registration isn’t the only major OneCarolina development next week. Beginning on Tuesday, Columbia students will be able to check their financial aid award information for the fall in SSC. Students should be on the lookout for an email from USC Financial Aid, which will be sent to students’ university email addresses.

“We’ve been very pleased with the transition from VIP to SSC,” said Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid Bob Godfrey. “Thus far, the new systems being implemented as part of the OneCarolina project have allowed us to import around 40,000 student records containing federal financial aid information, which is a considerable amount. We’re very happy with how things have gone for us so far.”

The next major go-live for OneCarolina will be accounts receivable which, when it rolls out this summer, will allow students to manage their accounts and pay their bills via SSC.


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