University of South Carolina

OneCarolina team preparing for financial aid, registration go-lives

It didn’t take long for the OneCarolina team to get back to business after the recent holiday break. To wit, work is currently being done on four different releases, mainly to support two of the year's biggest go-lives: financial aid and registration.

Students will be using Self Service Carolina (SSC), instead of VIP, to manage their 2013-2014 financial aid awards and information beginning this spring. Meanwhile, they will be registering for Fall 2013 classes using SSC, also in the spring. VIP will still be used to register for Summer I and Summer II classes.

By Fall 2013, students will have mostly made the full transition from VIP to SSC. 

Meanwhile, on the technical side, the last few remaining Oracle upgrades are being made to the various databases during January and the first week in February. This will ensure that systems like SSC and Internet Native Banner, the system used by staff to perform financial aid and registration-related transactions, remain reliable.

Upgrades and changes will continue to be made over the course of the year to make sure systems continue to operate efficiently.

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