University of South Carolina

Student records loaded into Self Service Carolina

More than one million student records have been updated and loaded into Self Service Carolina (SSC), the new web-based system that students will use to manage their personal information and perform transactions. With continuing students set to begin using SSC in the spring, the general student record conversion represents one of the most significant milestones for the OneCarolina project to date.

The general student record is what’s created when a prospective student accepts USC’s offer of admissions. It then follows a student through their entire college career and is essential to doing things like registering for classes and paying fees. SSC relies heavily upon general student records to operate on a daily basis.

Earlier this year, general student records began to be created in accordance with Banner, the new software platform that operates as the backbone of SSC. However, there still existed over a million records that were created using outdated systems over the last several decades.

As a result, every single record had to be updated to work with SSC and the other new systems. The conversion process was laborious, thanks in large part to the 1.1 million total records that needed work. As a result, the process took nearly a year to complete.

Now that the conversion process is complete, how does this benefit students? Well, under the old system, records were spread across lots of different departments, whether it was the parking office, the registrar, or financial aid. Now that they’ve been updated to work with Banner, the data can be consolidated and organized centrally, allowing university staff and faculty to provide a richer student experience. It’ll also lead to further technical innovations down the road.

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