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OneCarolina Starts Admissions Testing

When engineers set out to design a new car, they spend a lot of time and resources on initial research and development. While this preliminary work is important for the car to be of high quality, there comes a time for that first prototype to hit the road to see what it can do.

Similarly, the OneCarolina team is now conducting the project’s first formal test drive since it was restarted late last year. This week, testing of the Admissions module began in earnest.

What is testing? Simply put, testing is the process of identifying any difference between actual and expected results.

While one of the goals of testing is to look for bugs, it won’t be the only one. In popular culture, bugs are thought of as minor errors that can be fixed in a short time. The OneCarolina testing process, on the other hand, is much more comprehensive, with a goal of making the student and staff experience as smooth and polished as possible.

“While testing is an opportunity for us to find and fix any minor issues that we may have, it’s really a time to confirm that things are working as they’ve been designed to work and to ensure that we don’t have any gaps in the way our systems need to operate for our end-users to do what they need to do,” said OneCarolina Project Director Bob Swab. 

In layman’s terms, the OneCarolina testing process involves teams deciding which parts of the system they want to see operate in a real-world scenario – this usually involves a critical process or something that will affect a large number of users. For example, in Admissions this can be something like ensuring the application for new students is designed to accurately collect the information that’s needed for Admissions officials to make acceptance decisions.

After those critical steps within the system are identified, different scenarios are created that will test those critical steps. The scenarios are then loaded, the testers run through them, and results are logged for the team to analyze.

All in all, it’s a lot of work – but it’s absolutely essential to the development of fully functional and reliable system. 

Undergraduate admissions testing will continue until the system goes live in July.

Elwood Hamilton, OneCarolina

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