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OneCarolina Base Camp
Team members view the project timeline

OneCarolina Completes Base Camp (March 8, 2010)

Over one hundred members of the OneCarolina team joined in the project's Base Camp Event, which was held February 23-25.  Team members included participants from across the University of South Carolina system, including several key departments that will be involved in the Student Services Implementation phase of the project.

Dr. William Hogue, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, kicked off the event by addressing the participants who had gathered to discuss implementation strategy, learn about Unified Digital Campus concepts, and meet representatives from SunGard Higher Education. Hogue told the group, "The OneCarolina Project will position the University of South Carolina to be more competitive in the academic marketplace and to actively meet the needs of our students, faculty, and staff."

The University of South Carolina has partnered with SunGard Higher Education to implement the Student phase of the OneCarolina project.  "A Unified Digital Campus is an environment where systems, individuals, and communities interact seamlessly for learning, teaching, administration, and achievement," said Kimberly Grassmeyer of SunGard HE.  "It's a holistic approach to sharing information across multiple organizations and platforms throughout the University system.  And the concept meshes nicely with the OneCarolina vision and objectives."

Conference participants discussed project management processes and timelines for the various sections of the upcoming implementation.  Several breakout sessions were used for in-depth conversations concerning technical aspects of the project, as well as administrative workflow development and business process modeling.

"Business Process Modeling helps us develop administrative workflows and procedures," said Bob Swab, OneCarolina project director.  "We want to plan in detail the everyday processes that will work best with the Banner software from SunGard HE, and will fulfill the University's administrative and organizational requirements.  Basically it ensures best practices will be followed and strategic goals will be met in the OneCarolina implementation."

Individual implementation teams will meet during the next three months to work with SunGard HE consultants.  Objectives for the teams will be to work out BPMs and discuss specific integration strategies.

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