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OneCarolina Identity Management Teams Meet (February 8, 2010)

Over the past two weeks, the Identity Management (IDM) team has conducted sessions designed to identify core requirements for the OneCarolina System design and implementation phases. 

These sessions have included what is known as "use-case scenarios," where team members and business process experts model how the OneCarolina system should identify users and resources.  The teams walk through cases where the Oracle Identity manager (OIM) product can be used with existing systems and future Banner systems to develop user resource accounts.

For instance, if a person will be hired at the University, the Human Resources system will look to the OIM to determine if that person had a prior relationship with the University - such as, if they were previously a student.  Using the OIM, the system could access previous information about the person, validate it against new information provided by the new employee, and make sure that information is not duplicated.  It could then use previous network and user ID account information to re-establish the employee in a new role.

"The workflows and requirements we develop in this modeling process will establish our design starting points," says Brad Holt, OneCarolina Information Technology Team Leader.  "The information that has come out of these meetings - especially the input from our business experts throughout the University -  has put us in an excellent position to move through the project design phase."

That design phase of Student Implementation is scheduled to be completed in March of this year.

During the remaining weeks of February, the IDM team will be looking at project requirements in the framework of the use-case scenarios they have developed.  The requirements can then be validated, prioritized, and assigned to specific members of the IDM Advisory team. 

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