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Sungard Higher Education Begins Collaboration with OneCarolina

Mark Hoye, of Sungard moderated the meetings.  "We are here today for a number of reasons," said Hoye.  "We want to align OneCarolina with University values, document our mutual goals and objectives, enumerate actionable initiatives, and make recommendations."

Forty-five members of the OneCarolina implementation team, including the Leadership team attended the opening session on November 30th.  Hoye began the session by asking "What does 'Unified Digital Campus' mean to you?" Each attendee then had an opportunity to give opinions and specific concerns about OneCarolina. 

Bob Swab, project director, summed the session up.  "This was a great opportunity for each of us to make our concerns and hopes available to the whole team.  It's the best way to start a project of this magnitude, and we plan to continue this level of communication."

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