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Take the Tailgate Good Choice Challenge

Students are eligible to earn a loyalty point and win prizes by taking pictures and videos of themselves completing selected activities.

Impact weekly service projects available

The Leadership and Service Center's Impact Leaders provide transportation for and lead at least one service opportunity a week.

Nominate students for Catalyst leadership program

Catalyst, a one-day leadership development experience, will be Saturday, Oct. 18 at the Russell House.

Registration open for Register for Professional Development Certification Program

Register for the Professional Development Certification Program for fall 2014 to help make your part-time job become more than just a paycheck.

Applications available to become a Changing Carolina Peer Leader

The Changing Carolina peer leaders are currently recruiting students with an interest in health education and wellness and a desire to make a difference on campus.

Students eligible to compete in The Proving Ground

Held each fall, The Proving Ground is among the top collegiate business plan competitions in the U.S. for prizes and startup support. This year's competition will feature new categories, including ones in which students can compete.

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Stories for Students

Unfinished business: Professors continue working after retirement

Unfinished business: Professors continue working after retirement

Harvey Starr is currently working on three or four different book projects -- "depending on how you want to count it," he says. "A colleague and I are waiting to hear back about one proposal." He's also overseeing three active dissertations, having just hooded another new Ph.D. this summer. The catch? He officially retired June 30.

Meet new faculty member Seth Stoughton

Meet law professor Seth Stoughton, one of UofSC's newest faculty members. Stoughton comes to Carolina from Florida, but not directly. He got into law from the enforcement side and has moved around the country with his family. Stoughton says he his happy to settle down in Columbia.

Destination: Mars

Destination: Mars

Studying science at a major research university might involve innumerable hours at a laboratory bench, but the experience doesn't have to be geographically limiting. For undergraduate and graduate students in Mike Angel's chemistry group at the University of South Carolina, for example, the work they do in the lab has interplanetary reach.

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