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USC Upstate

Commencement: Around the system

All UofSC campuses are celebrating commencements this spring and we have captured images from each of them. Whether you're a Gamecock or a Fire Ant, commencement always ends with "Forever to Thee."

Harvie Nachlinger

Last call

Carolina is one of the few large public universities that still announces each graduate by name at its commencement ceremonies, even as the number of graduates has increased dramatically in recent years. For Harvie Nachlinger, it’s just a matter of speed and diction to enunciate each student's name.

flood relief

After the flood

When a 1,000-year deluge inundated the city of Columbia, University of South Carolina students rolled up their sleeves.

Taylor Tynes

Discovery for all disciplines

It's called Discovery Day for good reason: Undergraduates from across the university system present their research findings, creative accomplishments and leadership achievements to the university community.

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